HMSV Simoom

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image of stern

When Simoom was converted from a regular frigate to a troop carrier, she was fit with an extra (upper) deck running the length of the ship. Her Stern gallery and quarter galleries were also raised and 'doubled'. Notice the extreme length to beam ratio, a metal hull and frame allowing for this additional length without the problem of hogging and/or sagging so prevalant in vessels of all wood construction. The image above shows her stern, aft helm, light and one of her six 30ft cutters. She also carried two 25ft lifeboats and two 38ft double-ended troopboats.

image of HMSV Simoom Model

Port ans stern view of Simoom. Simoom had two helm stations; the midship 'power-steering' helm and an aft helm at the stern. Her chart house, stack, several smaller vents, and other deck furniture are also visible, as are the many hull mounted davits for the boats


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