United States frigate President

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USS President - American Frigate 1800

The United States frigate President was one of the "super-frigates" commissioned by the U.S. Congress, causing the British some headaches in the war of 1812. On the 15th of January 1815, President was captured by the British, who were impressed enough to build a replica retaining the name 'President'.

The model shown here has her yards in the raised position since she will carry sails, however you may prefer no sails and the yards can be in lowered storm or rest position.

Scale 3D-CAD model of the USS President

3D-CAD model of the US frigate President's hull and stern gallery shown above.

Starboard and stern shown in the image below. Even though there is some evidence the gunport lids may have been completely removed at some point, the model has lids mounted as may have been when launched in 1800.

Image of the US frigate President


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