S.S. Newfoundland

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Image of main hatch

Main aft hatch on deck of the S.S Newfoundland model being "loaded".

helm detail

Helm detail shown below. A double wheel turning a rope around a failry long axle, connecting the wheel to the rudder through a rope and pulley system below deck. The fairly large distance between wheels was typical for many vessels of her time.

Starboard view of a model

Starboard view of the model. The wooden beams or ties hanging down the side of the hull served to get the crew on and off the ice, for instance when the vessel got stuck. The crew would climb overboard onto the ice and either do a 'tug-of-war' of actually pulling the ship by rope, or they would chip away chunks of ice with sticks, picks and other tools. If all of that wouldn't get the ship free, out came the always popular explosives.


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