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Sheer: 1. The upward curve of the deck of a ship toward the bow and stern with the lowest point at or near the waist when viewed from the side.
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2. The position of a ship riding at single anchor holding her clear of the anchor.
Sheer Draught: A projection of the lines of a vessel on a vertical longitudinal plane passing through the middle line of the vessel(centerline-section). Also called Elevation or Sheer Plan.
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Sheer Hulk: A cut-down, old ship fitted with a pair of 'sheers', used to hoist masts up to another ship that was being built or repaired.

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Example of a sheer hulk and other mastbuilding tools.

Sheer Pole: A horizontal rod, parallel to the ratlines, attached to the base of the shrouds just above the deadeyes to keep the shrouds from twisting while they were being set up and tensioned.
Sheer Strake: The top strake of the hull, usually following the sheer of the upper deck. Located just below the gunwale.
Sheer Width: The distance between the centerline and the sheer-line (or sheer strake) (1/2 deck width) of a vessel at a specific location.
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