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Quarter: 1. The after parts of the ship on each side of the centerline. 2. Work-shift on board a sailing vessel, continual 24/7 rotation of a 4 hour work-shift followed by a 4 hour rest period in a normal two quarters setup. Also called 'Quarter Watch' on a Man O'War.
Quarter Badge: Window or outcrop at the quarters of a sailing ship, a remnant of the earlier quarter gallery, often highly decorated with marine figures or other emblems.

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Quarter Boat: A boat hung from, or located on a ship's quarter.
Quarter Block: A block attached to a yard through which the clew lines and sheets are reeved.
Quarter-deck: The part of the upper deck of a ship abaft the mainmast, also often included a poop deck. The quarter-deck was that part of the ship from which command was executed and thus it was often reserved for officers in naval vessels. Cannon were often also stationed on this deck.
Quarter Gallery: An open or closed platform at the quarters of a sailing ship, sometimes separate from the stern gallery and sometimes fully joined so one could "walk around the stern".
Quarter Netting: Nettings along the quarter rails.

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