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Bilge: Where the sides of a vessel curve in to form the bottom.
Bilge Keel: An additional keel located near the bilge on either side of a vessel to protect the hull when grounding, and to lessen drift when heeling.
Bilge Pump: A mechanism for emptying the bilge of water. Since all wooden ships would leak to some degree, pumps were always in demand. Spray and waves would only add to how much water a ship took on. The most common was the handpump or elm-pump, often locate on the highest deck not open to the weather. The more complex but also much more effective chain-pump was used mainly in the British Royal Navy from the late 17th century.

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Bilge Stringer: Timbers running the entire length of the hull near the turn of the bilge as an integral girder (part) in a wooden ship's frame.
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