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Diana: HMS Diana; Length: 173ft from figurehead to stern; Beam: 39.3 ft; 990 tons burthen; Armament: 28x18pdr, 18x9pdr; Deptford Royal Dockyard, England; 1794

The third vessel in the British Navy to bear the name Diana was a 38-gun fifth rate frigate launched in 1794 at Deptford and sold in 1815 to the Dutch Navy. Much like other ships, her armaments were upgraded several times untill all 9 pounder cannon had been replaced by 32 pounder carronades. Destroyed by fire in 1834.

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Feversham: HMS Feversham; Fifth Rate; Length: 124 ft; Beam: 36 ft; 1,068 tons; Comp.: 250; Armament: 40 guns; Blackwall on the Thames, England; 1741

HMS feversham took part in a battle off Toulon with the combined French and Spanish fleet on the 17th of February 1744. After a short and indecisive battle the French and Spanish fleets escaped (fled). HMS Feversham was sold out of the navy on the 13th of April 1749.
Juno: HMS Juno; Fifth Rate Frigate; Length: 127 ft; Beam: 34 ft; Depth of hold: 11 ft, 9in; 646 tons burthen; Complement: 210; Armament: 26x12pdr, 6x6pdr; Rotherhithe, England; 1757

HMS Juno of 1757 was one of three frigates in her class, together with HMS Richmond (1757) and HMS Thames (1758). She was built by William Alexander and was burnt at Rhode Island to avoid capture by the French on 5 August 1778.
Roebuck: HMS Roebuck; Fifth Rate; Length: 96 ft; Beam: 25 ft; 292 bm tons; Comp: 50; Armament: 24 guns; England; 1690

The 7th English ship to carry the name Roebuck was initially launched as an 8 gun fireship. After having been refit as a Fifth Rate, she was given to Captain William Dampier to command for surveying 'Terra Australis' and the east coast of New Guinea. She was lost on the 21st of February 1701 off Ascension Island when she sprang a leak which could not be fixed either through incompetence or her poor hull condition, possibly a combination of both.
Serapis: HMS Serapis; Fifth Rate; Length: 124 ft; Beam: 36 ft; 1,068 tons; Comp.: 250; Armament: 20x18pdr, 20x9pdr, 4x6pdr; Greenland South Dockyard, Rotherhithe, England; 1779

HMS Serapis took part in the Battle of Flamborough Head in the North Sea on the 23rd of September 1779. While she lost her fight with USS Bonhomme Richard, she was in much better shape then her opponent, wich sank on the 25th. Serapis was sailed to the United Provinces (Netherlands) under command of American captain John Paul Jones. Declared a French prize, she was renamed Roche and was lost in July 1781 off the coast of Madagascar when, according to all accounts, a sailor dropped a lantern into a barrel of brandy and she subsequently caught fire and exploded.

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