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Sail: A piece of cloth or canvas, or a combination of pieces, cut and sewn together to the desired shape and size and attached to the spars and rigging of a vessel. A sail has the single purpose of catching the wind and propelling the vessel. Sails were often repaired at sea, or at anchor in a secluded bay a thousand miles from home, and thus could be quite a patchwork of different pieces of material. Something the head-seamstress at the Royal Dockyards would have surely disapproved of.

Fore-and-aft Sails
Lateen Sails
Square Sails

Flying Jib
Royal Sail
Studding Sail
Topgallant Sail

Sail (sailcloth) making in the Age of Sail.

Sail Iron
Sail Iron - used to close and flatten seams and stitching.

Dressing Sails.

Sail Burton: A block and tackle that extended from the head of a topmast to the deck in a square-rigged vessel, used for hoisting the sails aloft when they were bent to the yards.

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