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Futtock: The separate pieces of wood that together form a frame in a wooden vessel. Usually there were four or five futtocks to a rib.
Futtock Plates: Plates of wood or iron to which the deadeyes of the topmast shrouds are secured.
Futtock Riders: Large vertical timbers strengthening the inside of the hull below the waterline.
Futtock Shroud: A shroud used to brace and support the base of the topmast, running from the futtock plates on the sides of the top downwards and inwards to a futtock band around the mast or directly to the lower shroud's futtock stave.
Futtock Stave: A served piece of rope across and lashed to a lower shroud, below the top and near the masthead. As a rule of thumb, they were attached at the same distance below the top as the masthead is above the top. To reinforce the lower shroud where the futtock shrouds terminate.

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