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Simoom: HMS Simoom; Iron hulled 350 horse-power steam screw driven Frigate; Length: 246 ft between perpendiculars; Beam: 41 ft; Depth of hold : 27.5 ft; 1,980 bm tons, 2,920 displacement tons; Crew: 174; Armament: 16x32 pdr, 2x68 pdr; London, England; 1849

HMS Simoom was named after a hot, dry and sand-laden desert wind and the largest of the 'new' British iron-hulled steam frigates. In September 1852 HMS Simoom delivered the masts and rigging for HMS Windsor Castle at Milford. She was converted to a troopship in 1852 and served at the Crimea from 1854 to 1855, at Pei Ho fort in China in 1859 and at Ashantee from 1873 to 1874. She was sold to Norwegian interests in 1887.

HMS Simoom model

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Courtesy of Bruce Hosie

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