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Adventure Galley: Three-masted Galley; Length: 124 ft; 285 bm tons; Crew: 150; Armament: 34x12pdr; Castle Yard, Deptford, England; 1695

The Adventure Galley was the ship William Kidd set out on in 1696 to capture French and Spanish prizes as an English privateer. Kidd, who ended up being hung as a pirate, is most known for his capture of the Quedah Merchant, laden with expensive textiles, a very rich prize. The Adventure Galley, which was not kept in good order by its crew and captain, sank near the island of Saint Marie off the northeast coast of Madagascar in 1698.
Benjamin F. Packard: Down Easter; Length: 244.2 ft; Beam: 43.3 ft; Draft: 26.7ft; 2,076 grt; Bath Maine, United States; 1883

Used originally on the New York to San Francisco trade routes, she changed hands several times and ended up as an amusement park 'pirate ship' attraction in New York. Her aftercabin woodwork and interior furnishings were saved, restored and are currently on display at the Mystic Seaport Museum.
Queen Anne’s Revenge: Ship (small frigate?); Length: 31.4 m; Beam: 7.5 m; Depth of hold: 4.1 m; 200 tons; Comp.: 125; Armament: 26 guns?; France; 1710?

Originally called La Concorde, she was captured in 1717 by the Bahamian pirate Edward Teach a.k.a. Blackbeard who re-named her Queen Anne's Revenge. The Queen Anne's Revenge was lost when she ran (intentionally?) aground on a sandbar near Topsail-Inlet off the North Carolina coast and was possibly re-discovered in 1997.

La Concorde model

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Whydah: Galleon; Length:30m; 300 bm tons; Armament: 18 guns; 1716

Originally a slave trader, she was captured by the Bahamian pirate Samuel Bellamy who made her his flagship. She was lost during a storm in April 1717.

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