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Santa Maria: Nao; Length: 21m; 108-239 toneladas; Crew: 40; Armament: 9cm lombard, 4.5cm falconets; Galicia, Spain; 1492

Christopher Columbus's flagship used on his first voyage of discovery and exploration that took him to the Caribbean islands in 1492-1493. Her sail arrangement - square main, square main topsail, square foresail, square spritsail under the bowsprit and lateen mizzen, is recorded in Columbus's log. Very little else about the ship itself is known other than she ran aground on a coral reef east of Haiti and was lost on Christmas Eve, 1492.
San Pedro: Nao; 100 tons; Comp.: 47; Armament: 6x3pdr; Peru; ~1590

The San Pedro was one of three ships in Pedro Fernández de Quirós' seventeen-month expedition to find 'Terra Australis'. The other two ships were the San Pedro y San Pablo and Los Tres Reyes. The commander of the San Pedro, Luis Baéz de Torres sailed through the strait separating New Guinea from Australia's Cape York Peninsula in 1606, two months after Duyfken had. This strait would be known as Torres Strait after 1775, five years after James Cook passed through the same strait in HMS Endeavour in his quest to find 'Terra Australis'.

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