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Arkansas: CSS Arkansas; Ironclad; Length: 165 ft; Beam: 35 ft; Draft: 11.5 ft; Speed: 8 knots; 800 displacement tons; Comp.: 232; Armament: 10 Guns; Memphis, Tennessee, United States; 1862

Best known for its single-handed relieve of the blockade of Vicksburg by a Union fleet in 1862. She was scuttled when she broke down during a support mission near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Gloire: La Gloire; Three-masted ironclad steam battleship; Length: 77.9 m; Beam: 17 m; Draft: 8.5 m; 5,630 displacement tons; Comp.: 550; Armament: 36x6.4" muzzle-loading rifled guns; Arsenal de Toulon, France; 1860

La Gloire had her armaments upgraded to 6x9.6" and 2x7.8" muzzle-loading rifled guns in 1869. She was broken up in 1883.

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