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Adventure Galley: Three-masted Galley; Length: 124 ft; 285 bm tons; Crew: 150; Armament: 34x12pdr; Castle Yard, Deptford, England; 1695

The Adventure Galley was the ship William Kidd set out on in 1696 to capture French and Spanish prizes as an English privateer. Kidd, who ended up being hung as a pirate, is most known for his capture of the Quedah Merchant, laden with expensive textiles, a very rich prize. The Adventure Galley, which was not kept in good order by its crew and captain, sank near the island of Saint Marie off the northeast coast of Madagascar in 1698.
Kadirga: Galley; Length: 36.9 m; Crew: 144 oarsmen; Kasimpasha, Turkey; 16~17th century.

Used mainly for ceremonial purposes, very little else is known for sure about this 48-oared galley a scaloccio, including her origins. She is currently preserved at the Maritime Museum of Istanbul.
Reale: Galley; Length: 40 m; 170 displacement tons; Comp.: 700; Armament: 1x36pdr, 2x9pdr, 8x4.5pdr; 1570

Reale was Don Juan of Austria's flagship at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, a decisive battle between a large mixed Christian- and an even larger Turkish naval force.
San Lorenzo: Galleas; 600 tons; Comp.: 600-650; Armament: 50 guns; Naples, Italy; 1580

Built in Naples for the Spanish, the San Lorenzo was a hybrid galley/galleon called a galleas. They were some of the most powerful warships of their time.

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