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Elizabeth Bonaventure: Galleon; 448 wine tons burthen; Length: 24 m (keel); Beam: 11 m; Depth of hold: 5 m; Comp.: 250; Armament: 4x32pdr (demi-cannon), 2x24pdr (cannon-perier), 6x18pdr (culverin), 8x9pdr (demi-culverin), 6x6pdr (saker), 2x4pdr (minion), 4 port pieces, 6 fowlers, 12 bases, 2 falcons; Chatham, England; 1576

She took part in the Spanish Armada engagement, while under command of the nobleman-privateer, the Earl of Cumberland.
Golden Hind: Galleon; 150 tons burthen; Comp.: 85; Armament: 18 guns; Plymouth, England; 1576

The ship so famous for its captain, Sir Francis Drake and the first English circumnavigation of the globe ending on September 26, 1580 in Plymouth after a voyage of 2 years, 10 months and 18 days.
Mayflower: Galleon; Length: 90 ft; Beam: 26 ft; Depth of hold: 11 ft; 180 tons burden; Crew.: 25; Leigh, England; 1605

Mayflower is the ship famed for bringing the Pilgrims to Plymouth Rock in 1620.
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Panther: HMS Panther; Fourth Rate ship-of-the-line; Length: 47 m; Beam: 13.3 m; Depth of hold: 5.6 m ; 1248 ton burden; Crew: 400; Armament: 24x24pdr , 26x12pdr, 10x6pdr; Chatham, England; 1758

In 1762 HMS Panther and the 28-gun frigate Argo captured the large 'Manila' galleon Santísima Trinidad. She served as a hospital ship after 1791, and was finally broken up in 1813. She was the third British Navy ship carrying the name Panther, her previous namesakes were launched in 1703 and 1746.
Santísima Trinidad: Galleon; Length: 51 m; 2,000 tons; Comp.: 400-800; Armament: 54 guns; Manila, Philippines; 1750

Santísima Trinidad was the largest 'Manila galleon' built for trade between the Philippines and Mexico. She was captured and taken as a prize in October 1762 by the 60-gun HMS Panther and the 28-gun frigate Argo.
San Lorenzo: Galleas; 600 tons; Comp.: 600-650; Armament: 50 guns; Naples, Italy; 1580

Built in Naples for the Spanish, the San Lorenzo was a hybrid galley/galleon called a galleas. They were some of the most powerful warships of their time.
Whydah: Galleon; Length:30m; 300 bm tons; Armament: 18 guns; 1716

Originally a slave trader, she was captured by the Bahamian pirate Samuel Bellamy who made her his flagship. She was lost during a storm in April 1717.

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