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Balclutha: Full-rigged Ship; Length Over All: 301 ft; Length Of Deck: 256.5 ft; Beam: 36.8 ft; Depth: 22.7 ft; 1689 grt; Crew: 26; Height of mainmast: 145 ft; Glasgow, Scotland; 1886

The steel hulled Balclutha started her career on the Europe to San Francisco grain trade, was renamed to Star of Alaska in 1905 while used as a salmon packet ship and renamed again in 1933 to Pacific Queen and used as a "movie-ship". Finally, in 1954, the San Francisco Maritime Museum purchased Pacific Queen and restored the vessel and her name. She was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1985 and is on display at the museum.
Dover Castle: Full-rigged Ship; Length: 185 ft; Beam: 34 ft; Depth of hold: 22 ft; 1003 grt; Sunderland, England; 1858

Dover Castle was re-rigged in 1875 as a bark. Sold to Norwegian interests in 1880 and renamed Kem.
Falls of Clyde: Iron-hulled four-masted Bark; Length: 85.3 m; Beam: 12.2 m; Draft: 6.4 m; 1809 displacement tons; Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, Scotland; 1878

Named after a waterfall up the River Clyde, the Falls of Clyde was originally a full-rigged ship designed for global trade, later re-rigged as a Bark. Currently the Falls of Clyde is part of the Hawaii Maritime Center in Honolulu Harbor.
Great Victoria: Iron Full-rigged screw steam-assisted Ship; 2278 tons; Nantes, France; 1854

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Rochester: Down Easter; Length: 131 ft 2 in; Beam: 30 ft 10 in; Depth of hold: 15 ft 5 in; 563 tons; Maine, United States; 1837

Rochester was launched as a full-rigged ship but she may have been re-rigged as a bark after having been sold and renamed Bremerhaven in 1850. She brought German emigrants to the New World in the 1850's and 1860's. Sold to Norwegian interests in 1870, she travelled from London to New York in 1877 on her last known voyage.
Sea Venture: Full-rigged Ship; 240 tons burthen; Comp.:150; Armament: 8 sakers, 8 minions; East Anglia; 1603

The ship made so famous as the subject of William Shakespeare's Tempest. The Sea Venture left for Jamestown, Virginia on June 2, 1609 only to be caught in a hurricane which separated her from the other seven ships of the supply convoy. When she finally sighted land she got stuck on a reef about a kilometre from Bermuda. All 150 stranded on Bermuda and salvaged enough to built 2 pinnaces, the Deliverance and Patience with which they completed the voyage to Jamestown on May 10, 1610. Two men stayed behind on Bermuda and became the first settlers on the island.
Sylvanus C. Blanchard: Full-rigged Ship; Length: 220 ft; Beam: 41 ft; 1904 grt; Yarmouth, Maine, United States; 1871

Named after Sylvanus C. Blanchard, son of the prominent captain and shipbuilder Sylvanus Blanchard. Mainly active on the South African and San Francisco trade routes. She was abandoned at sea on June 6, 1882.

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