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Delft: Fourth Rate Man O'War; Length: 170 ft; Beam: 45 ft; Comp: 300; Armament: 56 guns; Delftshaven, Netherlands; 1783

The Delft took part in the Battle of Camperdown (Kamperduin - see image below) on March 1st 1797, when engaged by HMS Montagu and HMS Monmouth she was quickly overwhelmed. The battle was significant in that it signalled the end of the Netherlands as a major naval power. A replica of the Delft is being built at this time in the Netherlands.

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Jersey: HMS Jersey; Fourth Rate ship-of-the-line; Length: 44 m; 1,068 bm tons; Crew: 400; Armament: 24x24pdr, 26x9pdr, 10x6pdr; Plymouth, England; 1736

The HMS Jersey saw action in the 'War of Jenkins Ear' (1739) and the 'French and Indian War' (1759) but ended up as a prison ship during the American Revolution. Horrible conditions awaited any American prisoner on New York prison ships. It is estimated that between four- and eleven-thousand prisoners died on those ships.
Justitia: HMS Justitia; Fourth Rate ship-of-the-line; Length: 160 ft; Beam: 42 ft; 1,249 bm tons; Armament: 54 guns; before 1804.

Launched as a British East Indiaman 'Admiral Rainer', she was bought in to the British Navy as 'Hindostan' in 1804. She was converted to a storeship in 1811 and her armament was reduced to 20 guns. She was renamed to Dolphin in 1819 and used to transport convicts. As she became a prison ship in 1830, she was appropriately renamed 'Justitia'. She was sold out of service in 1855.
Panther: HMS Panther; Fourth Rate ship-of-the-line; Length: 47 m; Beam: 13.3 m; Depth of hold: 5.6 m ; 1248 ton burden; Crew: 400; Armament: 24x24pdr , 26x12pdr, 10x6pdr; Chatham, England; 1758

In 1762 HMS Panther and the 28-gun frigate Argo captured the large 'Manila' galleon Santísima Trinidad. She served as a hospital ship after 1791, and was finally broken up in 1813. She was the third British Navy ship carrying the name Panther, her previous namesakes were launched in 1703 and 1746.

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