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Madre de Dios: Carrack; Length: 50.3m; 1,600 tons burthen; Portugal; 1574

One of the large ships involved in the lucrative trade with India, the Madre de Dios sailed in 1581 from Lisbon, Portugal to Goa, India. When she came back on August 3, 1592, loaded with goods, she was spotted off Flores by a fleet of English privateers including the Dainty, Roebuck, Foresight and Dragon. The Madre de Dios was taken as a huge ($250,000) prize after 2 hours of fierce fighting
Mary Rose: Carrack; Length: 32 m (keel); Beam: 4.6 m; 600 tons burthen; Comp.: 415; Armament: 78 Guns; Portsmouth Dockyard, England; 1510

Henry VIII's flagship was one of the first purpose-built warships with cannons firing through gun ports. She was rebuilt in 1536, increasing her size to 700 tons burthen and her armament to 91 guns, including culverins, demi-culverins, sakers and falcons. She saw regular action against the French and in 1545, while manoeuvering off Portsmouth during one such encounter, the Mary Rose sharply heeled, rapidly took on water and sank.

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