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Avondster: Jaght; 250 tons burthen; Crew: 65; England; 1640

The Avondster (Evening Star), originally named Blessing and in service for 12 years with the British East India Company, was captured by the VOC in 1653 and renamed Avondster. She sank on the night of June 23, 1659, when she was loading cargo for India anchored at Black Fort, Galle (Sri Lanka). She slipped her anchor and drifted onto the rocks before anyone noticed (?).
Triall: Crew: 45; Armament: 5 guns?; England; 1620

The Triall was in service for the British East India Company, when on her voyage with goods for the king of Siam she was wrecked on the Trial Rocks off Australia in 1622. The Captain and crew survived and they sailed in the Triall's skiff and longboat to Batavia.

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