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Batavia: East Indiaman or VOC retour ship; 600 tons; Comp. 300; Armament: 28 guns; Amsterdam, Netherlands; 1628

Batavia sailed from Texel, north of Amsterdam, in the company of 10 other ships on October 29, 1628. After rounding the 'Kaap de Goede Hoop' the VOC ships would sail 2800 miles east, then turn north/northeast for Batavia on Java.

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Captain Adriaen Jacobszoon miscalculated Batavia's position and underestimated her progress. She turned north too late and on June 4th 1629, Batavia ran aground and was wrecked on the Abrolhos off the west coast of Australia. A replica of the Batavia was built and launched at Lelystad, Netherlands in 1995.

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